Creativity is a black hole into which dive all informations available. What come out of this miracle portal are ideas, concepts, answers… That means the more you get to know things the more your creativity is efficient.

Let’s continue our journey in the universe.

Mother nature is our source of life and gives us everything. I work with respect and dedication to the nature. Natural materials and friendly process are at the foundations of my work..

Matter is concentrated energy. It is the basic ingredient to cook an idea.
All materials correspond to a way of thinking, a different approach of the act of creation. From raw material to objects, the matter goes through a lot of perturbations, encounters, thoughts that give the substance its personal background.

Actually modelling material is experiencing a relationship with it. It’s all about care, emotions, respect and admiration.

Waste is raw material. The matter changes, gets transformed but never disappears and keeps on carrying its own story. To recycle material is like “healing” it. I like to start from a piece with its features gained from its past life and to rebuild something new out of it. This way of working leads to surprising objects that impute emotional thoughts to the daily experienced environment..

As a creative missionary, each technique and tool I discover feeds my field of creation. Understanding how things are made is probably the most important aspect of my work because it brings the capacity to rethink things. Knowledges and skills are improving the creative potential and drive the creation to be more accurate in its globality just like in its details.

More over, manual work including repetitive and extended tasks is definitely a path towards meditation. The result is satisfaction, calm and positive fatigue…

Design is an amazingly vast word carrying many meanings. In the first place, to design is the fact of bringing a solution to a problem or a need. The method I learnt makes me deal with all informations available, from users behaviours to future trends, with the aim of giving the clearest and easier answer to the brief.


Then it is important to note how forms, colours, materials and all that shapes and composes a thing is directly influencing its use. So to design is also to influence people lives, moods and behaviours and this goes with great responsibilities!

Nowadays industry gives us a huge power of creation. Techniques, technologies and new materials are opening perspectives of creation and production. But industry can be as dangerous as it is great. It’s important to think about the entire cycle of production and especially the consequences of it so it is always more positive than destructive.  

Our role as human in this equilibrium is fundamental because we make what we consume…

What is art and the purpose of it? It is just like life… we have no idea! Nonetheless it is a way to escape from insipidity, to communicate, to understand, to get entertained…

I would say that the notion of art is not really far from the notion of design. They are both a creative act, although design is supposed to have a concrete function and use that art doesn't seem to hold. Art is usually answering a non physical need and if it is not only considered as ornament then its function is spiritual.

Spirituality is definitely guiding me in life and in what I create. Reflection and creation are inseparable. Something material always emerge from the immaterial, the “spirit world”.  Our material world is indeed just the outcome of our brain machinery, just one possible perception of what is infinite and this perception is not as real as we think because our senses are weak, simply developed to survive. Nevertheless the capacity of the human brain is way greater that we let ourselves beleive, therefore we could increase our ability to live by giving more attention to all that our physical body does not perceive at first.

Peace, love & unity

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