I am travelling around the world of arts on my ship called Inspiration. Pushed by the winds of crazyness, drifting on the infinite surface of oceans; I tread upon each isle, gaze at each culture and get used to every conditions to draw, on life, the nectar of the present time: creativity.



Being a creative mind since my first year on Earth, it is through a maximum of fields and techniques that I try to express my personnality and convictions. Music, photographie or craft, I extend my scope of action, develop my skills and feed my curiosity with all kind of meeting.


My studies in industrial design brought me all the usefull skills (analysis, sketching, 3D modeling, rendering) and I am now able to build a design project as a whole and give a qualitative result.


Through my personal experience, my studies in engineering at H.E.I, Lille and in industrial design at ISD, Valenciennes and the different internships in studios such as Jahara Studio, Brazil or MUT Design, Spain I did, I built an atypical profile between the artist and the the technician following the idea that understanding the world is necessary to improve it.

Approaching each project as a new experience, I wish I can answer any brief with an adapted and amazing solution.


Softwares: Adobe Suit, Solidworks, Keyshot, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut

The collection Rêve bleu was born during my 2014 summer holidays when my friend Cedric Breisacher and I decided to go and install our workshop in Bretagne, France inspired by the brief of the Biennal of Saint-Etienne "tuning". The idea was to salvage objects and material in the nature and in second hand shops and to reuse them in new designs, furniture and objects of the daily life.


After a month of hard work, the adventure ended up with a collection of 10 pieces that tells the story of a poetic world where past and present complete each other, craft and industry coexist and human evolution respects nature.

This methaphor should make people think of our destroying ways of cunsumption and to evoke a possible balance between our confort and respect of the planet we have to fight for.



This chair is borned from the Idea to create a dismountable chair with a removable elastic cordon that would be the seat. Two flat wooden profiles are gathers by three iron bars. Then the elastic cordon - the sando - is weaved on this structure, giving a nice bended shape to the chair and a confortable seat.



THE DUALITY is the last collection of the designer Elise Bayart. Invited to the shooting to shoot a teaser, I realised this short film that show the atmosphere of this fashion show.


Length: 1,41 min

Shot with: Nikon 5100

Music: Lupus II

Dans ma valise il y a is an independent short film written and directed by Arthur Lenglin and Florian Page


Gabriel, after a ruptured element, find himself on the road in Normandie and Bretagne (France), looking for himself and its place in the world. Alone, facing the wild, his reflection takes him into an illusionary trip that seems to guide him to the resolution of his existencial crisis


Length: 18 min

Shot with: Canon 500D

Music: Arthur Lenglin





The archipelago of Frioul is a group of four islands situated off the coast of Marseille in the south of France. The  small surface and the weather of this land make it unfriendly to human colonisation. Nonetheless the archipelago has been occupied many times and still is. Since the 19th century, it became a strategic place. Many military architectures were built during more than 150 years and now that the archipelago has became a marina with its touristy village, we still can see those proofs of a turbulent past. Frioul is a dry earth that looks like virgin but reveals memories of the lives that came there.

When the deep night falls, in the workshop of the sculptor, a dark blood runs on the stone. The stone statues come alive. The material becomes fabric and the shapes become clothes. The curves are in motion. The sculptor is a fashion designer.


Deep Fall is a film I realized and shot with Cedric Breisacher to illustrate the fashion collection "Deep Fall" of Agathe Colard for her graduation degree of fashion design.


Length: 2,27 min

Shot with: Canon 5D

Music: Deep fall - Arthur Lenglin

In january 2016 I left my homeland to experience India. India is where the oldest civilisation was and where the future of our civilisation is. India is one of the biggest population of our world and these people infiltrates every little corners of the country providing an amazing and varied culture. Extremely good and spicy food, extravagant nature, colorful clothes, luxurious architectures, enchanting music... This part of the world is breathtaking in everyways and for every senses. Where extreme poverty meets immoderate richness, where the brightest knowledge meets pure unconsciousnes, where the civilisation meets. Goind to India is like coming back to your home and realise that everything is different now.


Corsica is a very well preserved piece of land floating on the meditaranean see close to the french and italian borders. Captivating people from everywhere by its brilliant nature and its charming villages, this small island has the power to bring you peace and inspiration. The famous emperor Napoleon the 1st, originated from there, is a good exemple to shows the strong personality of this place.

Here are some picture, taken during a week of summer holidays, that show the sweetness and the beauty of Corsica.

Peace, love & unity

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